UGANDA: Partners for Real Change

Partners for Real Change (PARC) is strongly committed to creating a sustainable, better and brighter future for all Ugandans, and this starts by empowering the children and their families. With your longstanding partnership and support, we strive to promote accessible quality education, affordable quality healthcare, and spur economic growth and sustainable development.
We believe in inclusive and accessible socio-health services (education and health), so we offer both free and paid programs, and advice so that everyone can benefit. The voluntary contributions (donations and grants) matched with our paid programs fund the provision of our free services.


Shine Preparatory School – Kasese, Uganda (PARC’s school for orphans in its first year 2018)

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This is a short film for Shine Academy (an initiative of Partners for Real Change) in Kasese, Uganda during its first year of operation made by Davis Daniel, a Colorado based freelance photographer who volunteered with us in October – November 2018 on behalf of Photographers Without Borders to document our work and create photo- video asset that can be used awareness, promotions as well as fundraising purposes.

Photographers Without Borders is an international charity that supports small organization locally and abroad by capturing and providing cost-free photography materials as well a vehicle for these organizations to raise awareness about their work (through its website, print magazine and community events/exhibits) and to use the images to raise funds through fundraising pages.