UGANDA: Give Hope

Give Hope Uganda (GHU) is an Indigenous registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) with Kira Municipal Council under registration number: WCBO/1955/17.

Give Hope Uganda (GHU) focuses its program areas in all Districts in Wakiso Region Uganda. The rationale for setting up Give Hope Uganda (GHU) is due to a felt need to encourage everyone to utilize human potential that would translate into development of Uganda as a nation. The youth constitute suggests that much of the population is unemployed worldwide. The challenge within the Central is much attributed to low entrepreneurship skills, high school dropout rates, unemployment, early pregnancies and marriages, subsistence agriculture amidst the destructive impact of climate change, lack of social accountability and so on.

The above social problems require a holistic approach that should be implemented in a sustainable manner to avoid future occurrence. But also, focusing on the youth as we secure the future, create an enabling environment of improving the current youth issues especially of youth unemployment.

Give Hope Uganda (GHU) herein is therefore determined to mobilize the youth and galvanize their efforts towards economic empowerment and environmental conservation for sustainable development.


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