ASCAR is a non-government and non-profit organization in Kampala, Uganda that takes care and fights for the rights of children, youths and women. ASCAR began way back in 2008 when founding members Kasozi Hamuza and Kabuye Becker were high school students. Both boys grew up from a poor background. Getting an education and food was never easy, and at many times, they would live off a single a meal a day. Eventually, a charity organization came to the area led by several local and european volunteers. Hamuza and Becker spent a good amount working at the organization. After some time, one of the volunteers asked the boys why they were not attending school. The boys explained to her that they wanted to study, but they could not aford the school fees. Hamuza and Becker had lost their parents at a young age, and their current guardians did not have the means to pay for them. Mercifully, this volunteer promised to take them back to school, so they could get a good education and reach their goals. The boys were both lucky and grateful for the volunteer’s kindness. Many children did not have such an opportunity and remained living in poor situations. Things took a turn for the worse when the organization shifted from the area, leaving many children in the community in a state of hoplessness. Dreams were lost, and the future was bleak. Towards the end of high school, Becker and Hamzua realized that going to university wouldn’t be possible. The school fees were too expensive. Instead of losing hope and settling into a mundane life, the duo decided to make a difference in their community. They formulated an organization that would give children and youths the same opportunity that the merciful volunteer provided them. They were determined to help save children and protect their rights, and with the help of a few local volunteers, ASCAR was born. Today, ASCAR continues to help the community in any way that they can, but unfortnatley, funds are not always readily available. With that being said, we ask you to open your heart and provide a helping hand to those in need. Whether you want to volunteer, sponsor a child, or donate, we are grateful for any assistance.


24 May 2018

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