SPAGNA: International Youth Cooperation NGO

International Youth Cooperation is a nonprofit organization awarded the Gold Cross award, a civil service award from the Department of Social Services and the Ministry of Health, and it has been declared an entity of public use which has worked since 1993 for a “cooperative youth”. From it´s conception based on Christian values of man, INTERNATIONAL YOUTH COOPERATION promotes a serving community amongst young people through volunteer, education, and experiences as tools for a social transformation. We aim to promote the development of people in accordance with the dignity of man. To do so, we create opportunities to participate in society through our four lines of actuation. Some of our activities consists on helping others next to us and away.


Programa de Liderazgo Social

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Programa de Liderazgo Social, que se desarrolla todas las semanas del curso escolar, de lunes a sábado, en Zaragoza. Allí gracias a la colaboración de estudiantes universitarios, los menores reciben atención escolar a través de un programa de estudio dirigido, participan en una escuela deportiva y en actividades de voluntariado. De este modo se pretende que mejoren su rendimiento escolar, que participen en actividades deportivas y que además, los propios menores, beneficiarios del programa, ayuden en otros proyectos sociales con personas mayores o con discapacidad. De este modo, los propios beneficiarios son también voluntarios de otros programas. En 2016, participaron más de 80 niños y jóvenes, de 7 a 18 años.

Leadership Social Program is a project developed during the school weeks, from monday to saturday, in Zaragoza. There, thanks to the collaboration of university students, minors get scholar attention through a directed study program, they work in a sports school in volunteering activities. This way we pretend that their academical development gets better, so they can participate in sports. Apart from being benefited from the project, the students do vounteering in other projects with elderly and disabled people. The beneficiaries are also volunteers. In 2016, more than 80 kids participated, from 7 to 18 years old.