KENYA: Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation (SAWF) is a non-profit non governmental organisation established in 2008 and registered in 2010 in Nairobi Kenya.
The foundation was founded by Alice Muhonja with mandate to address issues of vulnerable children who were not attending school due to poverty, abuse, abandonmentand neglect from their families or guardians.
SAWF works in Mowlem Settlement Scheme and has assisted more than 2.000 vulnerable children from very needy families to get education.


You will probably cry when you see this!

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Rape, Kidnapping and being traded – these are the destinies of many kids in the Nairobi slums.
When life gets tough and they don’t have anything to eat or a place to sleep, kids at even the youngest ages take these risks, just to stay alive.

In these horrible situations, Alice Muhonja (the lady speaking in this video) felt called to found the Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation in 2008 in order to provide food, shelter and education for the kids.

Manuel Bergmann – founder of Livetaak – initiated the creation of this image video. With the help of the amazing videographer Daniel Helgert Films, he put together a beautiful & heartwarming, but also shattering & emotional video.