GUATEMALA: EDELAC – Escuela de la Calle

EDELAC (Escuela De La Calle) is an organization that provides education, shelter, and healthcare to vulnerable children in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Our goal is to restore family relationships and give the children better opportunities for a better future.


EDELAC – Escuela de la Calle

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EDELAC’s programs:

  • SCHOOL: EDELAC’s school program provides formal elementary education to more than 160 children at high risk for homelessness in the Barrio Las Rosas neighborhood in Quetzaltenango;
  • HOVDE HOUSE: The Hovde House is a crisis attention center for children and teenagers that live in extreme poverty or have previously been homeless. The Hovde House provides shelter, food, education, labor guidance, medical, and psychological services to 23 children;
  • SOCIAL WORK: EDELAC’s Social Work program intervenes in the child’s education and social formation by providing counsel and defending their human rights against injustices.